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The Association of Healthcare Executives (Medizin-Management-Verband, MM-Verband)

Is a professional association and network of decision-makers in medicine and the healthcare industry.

The range of services for our members includes contacts, advice and material in the main fields of the healthcare industry in Germany. Among them:

– Networking: Are you looking for a specialist for your questions and plans? We get you in touch with them

– Do you have new products, services and benefits that you would like to launch on the market? You can get comprehensive advice on market access, legal regulations, the right partners.

– You want to take look into the market? We show you the best locations, partners, consultants, medical doctors, and in detail specialized medical professionals, outpatient and inpatient, employed and owner

– Professionals: more than all lectures participated in – our partners in the EU and abroad will be of real support in recruiting. Which professions do you need acutely?

By the way: many of the services we open also for not-yet-members Feel free to contact us


Expert Prof. Dr. Konrad Obermann

Prof. Dr. Konrad Obermann has worked in clinical medicine, advised international medical device companies, is now an international consultant on health systems and financing and teaches helath economics at Heidelberg University.
Expert Dr_Peter_Mueller

Dr. Peter Müller is a trained journalist and for 25 years CEO of the Stiftung Gesundheit (Public Health Foundation). He teaches Management of Not-for-Profit-Organizations (MBA) at the US Touro College. For more of a decade he was board member of the association of Lawyers in Medicine.
Depending on the focus/target group of a seminar, additional speakers and experts can be made available.