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The Health Care Executives Association brings together decision-makers from the medical and health care sectors. Here they have the opportunity to establish business contacts in an industry-relevant network, to generate professional know-how and to exchange information beyond the daily business.

Included in the membership fee::
  • Employment law advice: Members of the Health Care Executives Association receive advice on all employment law and professional issues.

Also included is the use of offers from the umbrella organization ULA – United Leaders Association:

The Health Care Executives Association enables different modes of membership.

  • Individual membership: Sponsoring membership of natural persons
  • Enterprise membership: up to five sponsoring memberships of natural persons as representatives of an enterprise.

You want to become a member or have questions about membership?

Please feel free to contact our office management.

Membership and Subscription Information for download

Statutes of the Healthcare Executive Association

(PDF-Dokument, 120 KB)

Membership and
Fee schedule

(PDF-Dokument, 128 KB)

Admission Application for
Persons Members

(PDF-Dokument, 130 KB)

Admission Application for Enterprise-Members

(PDF-Dokument, 245 KB)

Healthcare Executive Association Leaflets

MM-Leaflet Success in the job: better with a bandage

(PDF-Dokument, 579 KB)

MM-Leaflet Careers and Healthcare

(PDF-Dokument, 624 KB)

MM-leaflet Careers and
your Right

(PDF-Dokument, 405 KB)