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You want to recruit doctors?

Our Research Team quickly and reliably identifies candidates according to your desired profile

There are easily 500,000 doctors in Germany – if you count them all: those from abroad, those retired, on parental leave and so on.

About 400,000 doctors are employed. This figure also includes those who are not currently working as doctors in the care sector, i.e. not „on patients“, but in research, industry and consulting companies.

290,000 is the number of physicians who are currently professionally active in patient care in Germany with decision-making authority.

And of these, those who are employed in medical care centers or practices of other physicians in private practice – i.e. those who are in principle able to change – add up to more than 50,000. Their potential for recruiting.

From this pool of experienced and employed physicians from clinics, MVZs and medical institutions, we list all the candidates who meet your requirements.

  • From the total of 53,849experienced and employed doctors from hospitals, MVZs and medical facilities
  • among all physicians with admission and professional experience in Germany from clinics, in practices, MVZ, medical facilities and rehabilitation centres
  • in all fields of expertise, with the totality of specializations


For our members this service is free of charge up to ten researches per year.

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