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Selecting the professionals

Finding Your Professionals: from top specialists to the whole bunch

Around 280,000 doctors are actually currently working in Germany in outpatient or inpatient care. Including retired doctors and those working in other sectors and countries, the total number is around 500,000) In addition, there are 57,000 active dentists, psychotherapists and other important target groups such as care managers, care services, pharmacies and so on.

For example:

  • 255,000 doctors and psychotherapists in private practices
  •   60,000 senior physicians in clinics and rehabilitation centers
  •   52,000 managers in the management of clinics and rehab centers
  •   33,000 doctors in medical care centers


Looking for a needle in a haystack?

Or would you like to address the whole haystack – to stay in the metapher?

We work with the best data partners and strengthen the joint database with our research team.

This is how we depict the entire landscape for you. In detail. With around 5,000 data points for every doctor.

And, depending on your requirements, all other healthcare professionals, from physiotherapists and midwives to alternative practitioners.

And because it is also relevant for a large number of decisions, our resulting database also includes the commercial managers in clinics and medical care centers in addition to the medical managers.


You wish: