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Legal advice for our members

Legal advice MMVerband

Employment contract or warning letter, severance pay or termination, termination agreement or non-competition clause: our lawyers help with all legal questions concerning work, money and advancement

Labour law advice: included in the membership fee

The Health Care Executives Association refers its members to competent and experienced labour lawyers. They will advise you on all questions of social insurance law as well as employment and service law, so that you can concentrate on your career.

Employment contract, warning, severance pay…

In the event of minor or major conflicts in professional life, you can easily obtain the advice of our highly qualified lawyers in matters of employment and social security law. The service includes more than just legal protection; in urgent cases you can also receive advice by telephone.

Executives, works council members, supervisory boards…

In your position, you constantly have conflicts to manage. Legal advice can help you to set the course in good time and to make goal-oriented decisions for your own career.

Use legal protection

In order to use the employment law advice as a member of the Health Care Executives Association, please fill out the online form „Request for legal advice“ below. After a short preliminary examination, one of the lawyers will contact you directly. Please provide the telephone number or address where the lawyer can contact you in such a way that – e.g. at the workplace – confidentiality is maintained.